TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5
Using JES for E-mail Integration

The following topic describes how to configure e-mail notification and e-mail submission for working with the Java E-mail Server (JES).

To use e-mail notification and e-mail submission, TrackStudio needs an SMTP/POP3 server. You can use any SMTP/POP3 server, but TrackStudio SA already includes a preconfigured Java E-mail Server (JES) to make it easier to configure the program.

To use JES for e-mail notification:
  1. Open the file jes/etc/mail.conf in a text editor. Uncomment the defaultsmtpservers parameter and specify the address of your organization's SMTP server as its value.
  2. Run Java E-mail Server (jes/jes).
  3. Run Server Manager (sman).
  4. Go to the E-mail -> E-mail Notification tab in Server Manager.
  5. Check the Enable e-mail notification check box. Do not change any other parameters.
  6. Click the Start button to run TrackStudio.
  7. Log in.
  8. Specify your e-mail address in the user settings (the Current User -> User... -> Edit link).
  9. Use the Current Task -> E-mail-Notification Rules... menu item to create an e-mail notification rule for a user.
How it works:
  1. A user modifies a task or creates a message.
  2. If the task meets the filtering conditions of the e-mail notification rule, TrackStudio generates an e-mail message and sends it to JES.
  3. JES redirects it to the server specified in the defaultsmtpservers parameter defined in the mail.conf file.
  4. The mail server redirects the message to the user’s e-mail address.
  5. The user receives the message using his e-mail client.
To use JES for e-mail submission:
  1. Configure JES for e-mail notification as above and test it to make sure it works properly.
  2. Run Server Manager (sman).
  3. Go to the E-mail -> E-mail Submission tab in Server Manager.
  4. Check the Enable e-mail submission check box. Do not change any other parameters.
  5. Click the Start button to run TrackStudio.
  6. Change the SMTP server host in the e-mail client: host = <JES IP>, port 25. Now JES will process all your outgoing e-mail first and, if it has nothing to do with e-mail submission, it will be sent on to its intended recipient.
  7. Use the Current Task -> E-mail Import Rules... menu item to configure e-mail submission rules for a task.
  8. Send a message to trackstudio@
How it works:
  1. The user sends a message to trackstudio@
  2. JES determines that the recipient’s address belongs to the local domain and sends it to the POP3 account of TrackStudio.
  3. Once TrackStudio detects a message in its mailbox, it processes it and creates a task or a message.