TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5
Integrating Serence KlipFolio and TrackStudio

The following topic describes how to simplify tasks monitoring by integrating TrackStudio and Serence KlipFolio.

To simplify tasks monitoring, TrackStudio can be integrated with Serence KlipFolio personal dashboard. The KlipFolio provides different kinds of alerts such as toast (Windows tray pop-ups that retract), sounds, mail, etc.

To monitor subtasks in Serence KlipFolio:
  1. Run the Serence KlipFolio.
  2. Select a task for which subtasks should be monitored.
  3. Click the Reports tab.
  4. Create a new List report.
  5. Select the KlipFolio Format.
  6. Click the Generate Report button. TrackStudio creates a Klip and opens it with Serence KlipFolio.

To configure alerts in KlipFolio:
  1. Right click the Klip and then click the Klip Setup item in the popup menu.
  2. Use the Alerts tab to configure the parameters of the alerts.