TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5
Adding a Message by E-mail

The following topic describes how to add a message by e-mail.

To add a message using the HTML form in the e-mail notification messages:
  1. Create a notification rule for the project.
  2. Choose the HTML e-mail template for this notification rule.
  3. Use Web form at the bottom of the notification e-mail to enter the message information.
  4. Click the Create Message button.
  5. Enter message description and attach files.
  6. Send e-mail to TrackStudio.

To add a message of the default message type using plain text e-mail:
  1. Create a new message in your e-mail client.
  2. Enter a task number (like #23) into the e-mail subject.
  3. Enter a message description into the e-mail body and attach files.
  4. Optional: To change the task handler, enter the name and the e-mail address of a new handler in the CC field.
  5. Send an e-mail notification to the e-mail defined in TrackStudio e-mail settings ( property in
  • The user should be registered both in TrackStudio and e-mail client properties with same name or e-mail.
  • The user who sends e-mail submission messages should have permission to add messages to the specified task.
  • E-mail submissions should be enabled (trackstudio.FormMailNotification in