TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5
E-mail Submission Concepts

Use e-mail submission to create new tasks, add messages to existing tasks and upload files by sending e-mails.

If e-mail submission is enabled in, TrackStudio checks the designated mailbox at regular intervals, retrieves any e-mails from the designated mailbox and tries to import it as a message or task.

How it works:
  1. If the e-mail comes from a known user and contains the correct task number in the Subject, the system imports the e-mail as a new message with the default message type.
  2. E-mail import rules are checked and evaluated one after the other, in the order specified by the Order rule property. If the e-mail meets the rule requirements, the system imports the e-mail as a new task.
  3. If the e-mail is a reply from a mailer-daemon about a failure while sending the e-mail, it is deleted from the queue.
  4. If the e-mail cannot be imported, it is either deleted from the queue or forwarded to the specified e-mail address.