TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5
Self-registration Rule Properties
Self-registration rule properties:
The name of the self-registration rule. 
URL for Registration 
Give this URL to your users or customers to register in TrackStudio using this self-registration rule. 
The status of users created via this rule. 
Children Allowed 
The maximum number of sub-users that the new user can create. 
Expire in Days 
Number of days after which the created account expires. If the parameter is not specified, there will be no time limitations for the new user to use his/her account. In that case, the account will expire when/if one of the parent users' accounts expires. 
The project to which access for the created user will be granted, or the project where new user projects will be created. 
Create a New Project for Each User 
Check this option if self-registered users should be able only to view their own tasks and projects. In this case, a new user project is created and the new user is granted access to it. 
If Create a New Project for Each User is selected, define the Category that specifies the category of the new user project.