TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5
E-mail Import Rule Properties
E-mail import rule properties:
The name of the e-mail import rule. 
Keyword (regular expression) 
Specify the Keyword either in the header, subject or in the body of the e-mail. Keywords make it possible to use one mailbox for importing messages into several projects; therefore you should use different keywords for different projects. If no keyword is specified, the e-mail is imported regardless of its content. The keyword check is case-insensitive. 
Specify the field in which to search for the keyword. The Subject, Body, and Header options are supported. 
The order in which e-mail import rules will be checked. 
Allowed Domains 
Accept e-mail from specified domains only. Use ; as a delimiter. 

Task import rule properties:

Parent Task 
The parent task of the created tasks. 
The category of the created tasks. 

User import rule properties:

Create New User if Required 
Check this option only if you are going to allow the creation of new users via e-mail. 
The manager of the created users. 
New User Status 
Status of the created users. To choose New User Status, allow users of that status access the Parent Task using the Current Task -> Access Control Rules... menu item and ensure that users of this status can create tasks of the specified Category