TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5
Installing Eclipse Plug-in

The following topic describes how to install the Eclipse plug-in.

To install a plug-in (Microsoft Windows only):

1. Install TrackStudio DevPack. 

2. Enable TrackStudio SOAP API in 

3. Create the directory [ECLIPSE_INSTALLATION_PATH]/plugins/com.trackstudio and unpack the archive file to it. 

4. Launch Eclipse. 

5. Open the Window->Preferences window. 

6. In the TrackStudio settings, specify the URL of the TrackStudio server, login, and password.

To open TrackStudio window:
  1. Create a new project or open an existing one.
  2. Select File -> New -> Other.
  3. Check the Show All Wizards checkbox.
  4. Choose TrackStudio -> New TrackStudio session item.