TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5
Granting Users Access to a Project

The following topic describes how to grant users access to a project.

To grant access to a project:
  1. Select a project for which you want to give your subordinate users access.
  2. Click the Current Task -> Access Control Rules... menu item.
  3. Click the Assigned Statuses tab.
    • To apply the user’s own status as the effective status for the current task (a smanske user must have the software developer status for the current task), grant access for your user with the default parameters.
    • To extend the list of inherited statuses (a smanske user must have both the software developer and line manager statuses), grant access for your user, and assign the necessary statuses to them. The user's own status and any statuses assigned to the parent tasks will be inherited automatically - you shouldn't assign them.
    • To completely redefine the list of effective statuses (a smanske user must have only the line manager status), grant access for your user, assign any necessary statuses, and mark the Override checkbox as needed. In this case, the user's own status and any inherited assigned statuses specified for the parent tasks are not taken into account, when TrackStudio determines effective status for the user.
    • To make a task accessible for all subordinate users whose own status is the same (all users with a status of software developer can access the current task), grant access for this status.

Users can use tasks which lie between the root task and accessible tasks only for navigating. Users can neither view the description of such tasks nor modify them.