TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5
Custom Field Concepts

Use custom fields to enlarge the list of fields available for tasks and users.

TrackStudio supports user-based, task-based and workflow-based custom fields:

  • User-based custom fields are available for the user they are created for, and for subordinated users.
  • Task-based custom fields are available for the task they are created for, and for all subtasks.
  • Workflow-based custom fields are available for tasks using a specific workflow only.

Users can populate custom field values manually, or they can be calculated dynamically using Task / Custom Field Value and User / Custom Field Value scripts. Use calculated custom fields to evaluate complex filter conditions. TrackStudio can calculate custom field values each time it accesses the task, or, can cache values and reset them when the task changes. Do not cache custom fields that access other tasks to evaluate its value, since TrackStudio cannot recalculate custom field values in this case. Do not use calculated custom fields to execute scripts when tasks change - use triggers instead. 

If you add non-calculated custom fields to TrackStudio after tasks have been created and later in their life cycle, such tasks will contain no values for the custom fields even if a default is defined. 

Use scripts of Task / Custom Field Lookup and User / Custom Field Lookup types to create a list of possible values for custom fields of the String type. 

To configure what custom fields users can view and edit, use the Current Task -> Custom Fields... -> Permissions or Current User -> Custom Fields... -> Permissions tab. For workflow-based custom fields you can specify users which can view and edit custom field value in the Add Message pulldown. Click the Current Task -> Workflows... menu item, choose custom field and use the Message Type Permissions tab to configure it.