TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5
Creating a Workflow

The following topic describes how to create a workflow.

To create a workflow:
  1. Click the Current Task - > Workflows... menu item.
  2. Click the Create a Workflow link.
  3. Enter the name for a new workflow into the input field.
  4. Click the Save button.
  5. Click the Priorities tab to create priorities for a task.
  6. Click the States tab to create states for a task.
  7. Click the Message Types tab to create required message types to move a task from one state to another.
    1. Optional: Use the Resolutions tab to set available resolutions for each message type.
    2. Use the Transitions tab to specify transitions between task states.
    3. Use the Permissions tab to specify users with which statuses:
      • can create messages.
      • can view added messages (including messages added by other users).
      • can be made handler when a message is added.
  8. Create workflow-based custom fields if required.









This examples describes how to configure parallel approval of the task by several approvers. For example, this lets a developer submit code, and have a functional team perform unit testing while testers check the code simultaneously. The deliverable can go to the next level only if it gets two approvals. 

To configure a workflow that implements a parallel approval process:

  1. Use the Current User -> Statuses... menu item to create new user statuses for functional and testing teams.
  2. Use the Current Task -> Workflows... menu item to create a new workflow.
  3. Create the following states in your workflow:
Start state. Nobody has approved the bug yet. 
Approved by Functional Team 
Deliverable was tested. 
Approved by Testing Team 
Deliverable was checked. 
Approved by All Teams 
Deliverable was both tested and checked. 
  1. Create the following message types in your workflow, define transitions and permissions.
Message type 
Approve by Functional Team 
Resolved -> Approved by Functional Team
Approved by Testing Team -> Approved by All Teams 
Members of Functional Team only. 
Approve by Testing Team 
Resolved -> Approved by Testing Team
Approved by Functional Team -> Approved by All Teams 
Members of Testing Team only.