TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5
Creating a Database for Performance Testing

The following topic describes how to create large TrackStudio databases to use as benchmarks.

Use massive to generate a large database with the necessary configuration and structure. You can use this database to check the TrackStudio performance rate for that database and your hardware. Massive is supplied with TrackStudio SA only.

To prepare a database:
  1. Edit massive/ to configure test database
  2. Execute
> massive/massive
To create a test database:
  1. Run TrackStudio Server Manager (sman).
  2. Select the Database -> Database Connectivity tab.
  3. Enter the JDBC connection properties of the empty database (without any tables).
  4. Select the Database -> Database Management tab.
  5. Enter the generated XML file name
  6. Click the Create Database button.

When you run TrackStudio for the first time, it indexes all tasks for full text search. The process of indexing can take several hours. If you are not going to use full text search, you can skip the indexing process. To do this before running TrackStudio, create the file skipindex.flag in the directory that is specified in the trackstudio.indexDir parameter in

To login as an administrator, use login=root, password=root. Other users have logins of the following type: user2, user3, etc and password root.