TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5
Attaching a File to a Task

The following topic describes how to attach a file to a task.

To attach a file to a task:
  1. Click the Task tab.
  2. Expand the Upload a File pulldown.
  3. Fill in the attachment name and description.
  4. Click the Upload a File button.

To attach a screenshot to a task (Microsoft Windows only):
  1. Click the Task tab.
  2. Click the File Upload Manager link.
  3. Copy screenshot to clipboard using Alt-PrtSc.
  4. Click the Paste an Image button.
  5. Click the Upload and Update button.


You cannot attach a file to the task if:

  • You do not have permissions to upload files for this task (Current User -> Statuses... menu item).
  • The file is larger than the maximum upload file size as defined by the TrackStudio administrator (trackstudio.maxUploadSize property in